IC Touch offers the most
user-friendly, interactive virtual concierge
that responds to your audience's needs
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Michigan Digital Signage Solutions

Automate. 24/7 uptime.

  • Visitor information access
  • Remote manageability
  • Real time signage updates
  • Maintenance. We do it all for you!

Engage & Improve.

  • Increased revenue with new forms of advertising
  • Improve visitor experience
  • Usability. Let your visitors discover what matters to them
  • Expand the visibility of your brand

Understand & Optimize.

  • Generate detailed user activity statistics
  • Apply metrics to determine the most relevant content
  • Discover unexplored opportunities

IC Touch provides you with an innovative and engaging way to communicate with your visitors. Through our digital signage you can directly connect with your customer. We put the power in your customer’s finger tips by allowing them to experience and interact with your applications, maps, and information on touchscreens working in real time. Your non-interactive digital signage showcases and displays your pertinent business information instantly to your customer. Through our system, you can advertise, communicate, and inform in a whole new way.

Our system is more than the digital signage displays. Through our IC Manager, all your digital signage works together as one cohesive system. Through our user friendly and customizable dashboards, we give you control over what, when, and how your information is displayed. With real time analytics included, you know the effectiveness of your display and their location.

At IC Touch, we make it easy on our customers. We build, manage, and launch every aspect of your digital signage to make sure our digital displays work for your applications. Our interactive and non-interactive digital signage solutions are customizable to allow us to tailor your solutions to your company.

To find out how our digital signage system can benefit your company or university, call or contact us today to request your demonstration.