Digital Signage

Your customers are looking for a fast and easy way to interact with you and your corporation. By putting your most important and useful customer information at their fingertips you are engaging and empowering them like never before. At IC Touch, we are proud to provide you with our digital signage services which allows you to customize and upload your business’s content in real time through our:

As a business partner, IC Touch is able to work with your business to provide your customers with the information they need at the touch of a screen. Whether you are a corporation looking to expand on your visitor information, a restaurant in need a virtual menu, or a university aiming to guide and inform your students, our digital signage can provide countless opportunities and expand your customer experience.

Building a strong relationship with your clients begins with reliable communication. By utilizing our digital signage in your space you are able to provide your customers with up to date and useful information instantaneously. Our experienced programmers work with the needs of your organization to install and create the appropriate applications to meet your needs, including wayfinding, maps, advertising, and more. Through the use of digital signage, we bring your business directly to your customer.

For digital signage that works for your company, call or contact us today to request a demonstration.