Maps & Wayfinding System

One of the most challenging aspects of navigating around a large office building, college campus, or shopping center is knowing where to go and the best way to get there. At IC Touch, we have developed a map and wayfinding system that makes maneuvering easy and effortless.

  • Maps: our experienced programmers can take the interior and exterior map of your building and digitalize it into a 2D or 3D rendering. Our system overlays on the image creating a detailed and precise map from the exact point your visitor is standing. Our map can be added to any application, allowing your visitor to search for a building, employee, or store from the directory and by clicking the map application providing them up to date directions right to their desired destination.
  • Wayfinding: Maps are the visual representation of your building, wayfinding is the directions. Our system shows detailed and precise directions from your visitor’s location to their destination. Through QR codes, these directions can be sent directly to their phone via text or email, navigating them to their intended location. Through our wayfinding programming, you can incorporate categories and keywords for search making it easier for your visitors to locate the proper building, store, employee, or office.

Through our maps and wayfinding technology, we make navigating your surroundings straightforward and efficient. To create this advanced system for your interactive digital signage, all you need is a map. On a map of your building or campus, you define and designate all destinations and walkable areas that connect those locations. Our algorithm will automatically generate the wayfinding from these paths.

You have the ability to create searchable tags and integrate your maps system into all of your applications, allowing your customers to find employes, building, classrooms, and more easily, no matter where they are in your dashboard. Navigating around your building can be as easy as clicking on a map. Call or contact us today for your free demonstration.