Digital Signage Uses

With our digital signage, you have the unprecedented opportunity to be able to communicate directly with your visitor, customizing and tailoring your message and displays to your individual applications. At IC Touch, we have the ability to create the template that will be the most advantageous for your business and your visitor, with uses including.

Uses for Digital Signage

  • Menu Boards: Display your food in a new, innovative way. Display food choices, prices, and nutritional facts all from your interactive display. Through a customized interactive signage, your customers have the power to scroll through, customize, and even order their food items directly from your kiosk. Menu boards have the ability to provide endless benefits to restaurants, hospitals, weddings, and more.
  • Events: During your sporting event, convention, trade show or more, our digital signage provides you with the opportunity to broadcast extensive information at a touch of a screen. Our experienced technicians can utilize your interactive signage to incorporate event promotion and point of sale options to allow your visitors to purchase their event tickets directly from your signage.
  • Directories: Providing your visitors with an updated, current rolodex of staff and buildings, our technicians can implement an interactive directory directly to your digital signage. Your visitors can scroll through and click on individual staff members to view office hours, room numbers, directions to office, and contact information while also navigating through your buildings with ease.
  • Map: Your digital display can be equipped with our maps and wayfinding system. A detailed, two dimensional rendering of your campus to guide and navigate your visitors to the right building, classrooms, stores, and offices. Your customers can utilize a text search to find their right destination. Text and visual directions can be downloaded straight from your digital display to their phone using QR codes, making sure they are able to successfully reach their destination.
  • Videos: Your digital signage has the ability to display your video feeds, including recorded and live feeds, showing products, business information, news, announcements, and more directly to your customers. You are in control of when the video plays, the volume, and for how long. Your videos can also be used as the screensaver for your digital signage.
  • Announcements: Keep your visitors updated and informed through announcements on your digital signage. Display all your information, news, and events. Your signage will scroll through all your announcements and has the capability of showcasing up to two announcements at a time. Your digital signage can also be utilized for emergency alerts, or ; Warning your students, clients, customers, and staff about the emergency; while also, detailing the nearest exit and emergency procedures.
  • Social Media Feeds: Bring your social media directly to your digital signage. Our interactive and non-interactive displays give you the opportunity to have an up to date feed of all your social media accounts. When you update your page, it updates your signage, keeping your visitors informed in real time.
  • Dashboards: Your digital signage allows you to customize and create your own dashboards to display market trackers, showcasing your stock market information for your staff, clients, and customers to view at a glance.
  • Hall of Fame Boards: Project your hall of fame members, stats, and information directly to your digital signage. Your interactive digital displays can be used to allow visitors to scroll through inductees, select their profiles, image gallery, texts, and videos. Our digital signage allows you to bring your hall of fame board to life.
  • Employee Recognition Wall: Bring your employees’ awards and accolades to your digital signage. Our displays allow you to showcase your employee recognition wall. Customers and staff can scroll through and click on the image gallery, employee profile, text, and videos all with a touch of the screen.
  • Donor Wall: Display and recognize those staff, customers, and businesses who have donated to your cause. Our experienced technicians can customize your interactive screens to allow your visitors to click through each donor to see donor level, profile, and photos. We can also transform your signage into a point of sale, allowing new donations right from your kiosk.  
  • Galleries: Utilizing digital signage gives you the opportunity to display video and photo galleries to outline your products, events, and promotions. Our customizable system allows your interactive display to be used to scroll through your galleries and to click on specific items and products for additional viewing.
  • And More.

From trade shows, to restaurants, to corporate offices and more, our display boards provide dynamic opportunities that allow you to interact and communicate with your customers in real time. Our experienced team can create the digital signage that will work best for your usage. Call or contact us today to request your free demonstration.