Your digital signage is a one stop shop for communication. Through our customization options, at IC Touch, you have the ability to bring your business information, employees, and visitors together effortlessly.

Through your interactive digital signage, your guests have the power to communicate with your organization with a touch of a button; giving them countless opportunities to interact directly with your organization, including:

  • Contact Us form submission
  • Email inquiries
  • Check-in for appointments
  • Providing feedback
  • Register for mailing lists or promotions

The possibilities for better, more effective communication with your visitors is limitless through digital signage. Our specialists, at IC Touch, can customize and tailor your displays to incorporate the communication devices that will work best for your organization. Being able to communicate with your customers builds stronger customer service while providing you with valuable customer input and information.

To see how we can update your communication solutions for your organization, call or contact us for your free demonstration.