About Us

Our Mission

Empower our customers with IC Touch solutions. To understand our customers’ needs as well as what they do. To provide better solutions, faster and at a lower cost. To be where our customers need us and when our customers need us there. To be more than just another vendor, to be a business partner!

Our Vision

To be recognized as “the” company that empowers their customers’ futures by doing the right thing, the first time, and every time.

Bill Ellis

Since 1982, before there was such a thing as “IT”, Bill has been involved in computers. After serving in the Marine Corp, Bill assisted in leading teams in the development, manufacturing and quality of seating systems at Lear Seating Corp. Being a customer liaison to the major automotive manufactures Bill learned problem-solving skills that would serve his business experiences well upon deciding to begin his own business. Now after 17 years of providing information technology services to businesses that include international corporations to local municipalities Bill is poised to grow Innovative Computers to it’s next step. Bill possesses a proven track record of database development, report writing and the design and implementation of extensive application programs. The systems created by Bill have resulted in significantly improved efficiencies for a multitude of customers. As the founder of Innovative Computers Bill always has been committed to offering first in class business solutions that include analysis of workflows, development of databases to automate processes, and on-going support following implementation. Over the past several years Bill has lead the vision and direction of all future technologies of Innovative Computers. Today, Bill continues to lead with the design and development of new and future products for both Innovative Computers and IC Touch. .