Score boards, menu boards, parking kiosks, food courts, and more, the opportunities for digital signage in your stadiums are endless. Your stadium has the ability to host thousands of visitors and a wide variety of events. With a capacity to reach a large volume of people, at IC Touch, we customize and create the right digital signage applications to meet the needs of your multi-purpose environment.

Because our solutions are more than an individual display, we create a digital environment for your stadiums. Each of our screens can work independently of each other while still being controlled and operated by a single dashboard, IC Manager. This provides you with the opportunity to utilize both interactive and non-interactive digital displays throughout your stadium to provide an innovative and engaging digital atmosphere for your visitors, with a variety of customizable applications, including:

  • Menu Boards
  • Event Information
  • Maps
  • Social media feeds
  • Product information
  • Fund collections
  • And More

Through our technological advancements, you have the opportunity to provide your visitors with the power of scrolling through and clicking on applications for more detailed information and real time communication. At IC Touch, our displays have the capacity to be point of sale kiosks for unmanned parking attendants and ticket purchase, while our maps provide you with real time directions sent directly to your phone. The ability to merge technology with your stadium provides you with endless opportunities to engage and communicate with your visitors.

At IC Touch, our digital signage solutions seamlessly integrate useful technology into your stadiums for a better, more engaging visitor experience. Call or contact us today for your demonstration.