Fund Collections

Whether your customer is looking to pay for parking or bike rentals, our interactive digital signages can be utilized for any of your fund collection applications. At IC Touch, we can customize your indoor or outdoor display to become a point of sale for your transaction accepting any major credit card.

Your digital signage can do more than just engage your visitors. Through our system, you can customize your display for fund collections to be used at a variety of locations and for many applications throughout your organization, including:

  • Parking kiosks
  • Unmanned rental stations
  • Concert ticket sales
  • Donations
  • And more

Your digital signage is a great opportunity to create a fund collecting kiosk for your organization. Saving you time and money, your interactive display allows your customer to interact with and utilize your display unmanned and potentially, even after hours. Through our analytics system you can see the performance and usage of your signage to see if your location is ideal for your customers. Your fund collection kiosks make it easy for your customers to pay for parking, bike rentals, and more, all at the touch of a screen.

At IC Touch, our experienced programmers can create an efficient and effective point of sale system for your interactive digital signage. Call or contact us today for your free demonstration.