Corporate Headquarters

For many corporations, your headquarters are large and can be difficult to navigate. Filled with executives, meeting spaces, dining halls, and more, your space creates an urgency for reliable communication solutions for your clients, employees, and visitors. At IC Touch, we work with your corporation to create and customize the right digital signage systems to meet your company’s needs.

Through the combination of interactive and non-interactive digital signage installed throughout your corporate headquarters, your company can engage and interact in a innovative new way. Our displays can project a wide variety of applications and information in real time, with solutions including:

  • Menu boards
  • Events
  • Directories
  • Maps
  • Videos
  • Announcements
  • Social media feeds
  • Dashboards
  • Employee recognition wall
  • Galleries
  • Adverising
  • Communications
  • Scheduling
  • And More

Your corporate headquarters is the heart of your company. All major functions of your business are handled and executed within your building or campus. Your office needs to run and operate smoothly, and to effectively assist in your operation, IC Touch provides you with reliable digital signage solutions. Having integrated interactive and non-interactive digital signage located throughout your headquarters allows for an efficient flow of information without interrupting or disturbing employees or company personnel.

Create innovative and effective communication within your corporate headquarters using digital signage through IC Touch. Call or contact us today for your demonstration.