Digital Signage Hardware Options

The ability to have digital signage in your organization is easy. At IC Touch, we have the expertise to convert any display that has internet access to digital signage, bringing your information, advertisements, and promotions right to your customers.

The benefit of including digital signage in your organization is bringing your information to your visitors fast, easily, and in real time. Through our wide variety of digital signage hardware, incorporating digital signage in your office or organization gives you the opportunity to effortlessly connect with your customers.

Digital Signage Hardware

  • Stand Alone Kiosks: Ideal for any open space within your organization or office, stand alone kiosks are signage encased within a self-standing display. These are best utilized in entrances, halls, conference centers, food courts, and more. Stand alone kiosks have the ability to be both interactive and non-interactive digital signage and can hold any display that can be connected to an internet connection.
  • Double Sided Kiosks: With a digital signage displayed on both sides, the double sided kiosks gives you the opportunity to display multiple pieces of information at once. Through the IC Manager, the screens can be programmed to display the same dashboard simultaneously; or, each screen has the ability to work independently of the other.
  • Triple Sided Kiosks: Available in a variety of sizes, the triple sided kiosks host up to three interactive or non-interactive digital displays. Programmable to display either unique information on each or the same image simultaneously, the triple sided kiosks give your organization limitless possibilities.
  • In-wall Touchscreens: Utilizing an ADA compliant surface mount, in-wall touchscreens give you all the benefits of interactive and non-interactive digital signage without taking up additional space. Sleek, professional, and modern, in-wall touchscreens give your organization a clean, professional look while protecting your digital display.
  • Outdoor Touchscreens: Waterproofed and protected from the elements, outdoor touchscreens give you the opportunity to display and communicate with your visitors outdoors, even while wearing gloves. Our outdoor signage has the ability to be both interactive or non-interactive and is heated and cooled internally, allowing it to function optimally throughout the seasons.
  • Surface Mount Touch Screen with Enclosure: Our most popular mount, our ADA compliant surface mount, allows you to display your interactive and non-interactive digital signage without having to cut into any walls. This mount allows you the ability to move the digital signage to a new location safely and effectively so your signage is always in the ideal location for your visitors.
  • Interactive Projectors: Through our interactive projectors, you have the capacity to project your digital signage directly on any wall or glass storefront, turning it into a giant touchscreen. This is ideal for presentations, advertisements, promotions, and more.

You have the capability to utilize our digital signage hardware options to create a digital communication system for you and your customers through interactive and non-interactive displays. Our experienced technicians can create a digital signage from any screen that has internet access and connect them via our IC Manager. At IC Touch, we work with our customers to make sure your digital signage hardware works best for your application.

Whether mounted to a wall or displayed in the parking lot, our digital signage hardware brings your business to your customers. Call or contact us for your free demonstration.