Mass Transit

Maneuvering through mass transit can be confusing and difficult. Trying to figure out which platform to depart from, arrival times, and directions all from one generalized location causes congestion and limited mobility, making moving from one platform to another next to impossible. At IC Touch, our digital signage provides mass transit with the opportunity to display important passenger information from multiple screens across the station. Working together, in real time, your displays can provide vital information to your passengers while reducing frustrating overcrowding.

Because our digital signage is completely customizable, you can utilize the applications and processes that work the best for your needs. Our experienced technicians work with you to build and design your system, utilizing a wide range of applications including:

  • Fund collections
  • Maps
  • Announcements
  • Social media feeds
  • Services
  • And More

By applying digital signage throughout your mass transit stations and platforms, you can create an organized and efficient environment for your passengers. Through interactive digital displays, with a touch a finger, your passengers can scroll through available routes, purchase tickets, receive directions to the right platforms, and receive real time arrival and departure times. Through our IC Manager, you can update and maintain each individual screen in one user friendly location. Our digital displays have the ability to work together as a seamless system.

Your mass transit station has the opportunity to be organized and efficient through our digital signage solutions. Call or contact us, at IC Touch, today for your demonstration.