Inventory System

The power to provide your customer with up to date, relevant information in real time is unprecedented. At IC Touch, we customize your digital signage to incorporate your inventory system, allowing your customers to see pertinent information at a glance.

Through our IC Manager, we have the ability to integrate your third party system into your digital signage, allowing you to update your inventory in one system and having it update automatically across platforms. By displaying your current inventory system on your interactive display you can showcase your products and allow your customers to search a current and updated catalog for businesses, including:

  • Car Dealerships
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • And More

At IC Touch, we can customize your applications and integrations to meet the demands of your business. By showcasing your current inventory system, your customers are able to see immediately which products, homes, or cars are available for purchase. This allows you to advertise and promote your most current supply; boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

Through our ability to integrate your inventory system with our digital signage, you are able to promote and display your most current catalog of products. Call or contact us today for your free demonstration.