At IC Touch, we work hard to provide our customers with superior services. From designing, to set up, to repair, our available technicians provide you with a wide variety of services at every stage to make sure your digital signage works for your needs.

Our Digital Signage Services

  • Custom Design: Our experienced designers work with the aesthetic of your company to create a template that will match the look and feel of your organization.
  • Map Design & Population: We take the maps of your space and turn them into a digital 3D rendering to create a useful tool for your customers. Through these maps, we populate your wayfinding system to create real time directions that your customers can download directly to their phone; creating efficient navigation throughout your organization.
  • Custom Programming: Each company, university, or organization has specific needs and demands regarding their digital signage. Our programmers can create and design the right applications to meet your needs. We collaborate with our customers to discuss what services and requirements that you have for your digital signage and if we do not have it available, we create it.
  • Training: Our team wants your system to work for you. To make sure your digital signage will meet your needs, we take the time to walk our customers through the process so that you know how to interact with and maintain your system. With both onsite and remote training opportunities available, we work around your organization’s needs.
  • Support: We understand that sometimes your technology breaks down or stops working properly. At IC Touch, we offer our customers 24 hour support for your digital signage software and hardware. Our experienced technicians have the ability to provide support to your system both onsite and remotely, depending on your needs.

Your digital signage provides you with innovate communication solutions for you and your customers. To provide you with a system that works for your needs, our technicians create customizable applications, design templates, and repair solutions that work for your organization.