Airports are hectic and chaotic. It can be difficult to know when and where you need to be before and after your flight. With our advancement in digital signage technology, our interactive and non-interactive digital displays provide an immense communication bridge between your airport and your passenger.

At IC Touch, we are proud to work with our customers to create applications that will work the best for you. Our displays have the ability to provide your passengers with up to date flight information, directions to appropriate terminals, current events, and more, right at the touch of a screen. Having the access to pertinent information aids your visitors and creates a more organized and effective experience. Our digital signage is equipped with applications including:

  • Maps
  • Videos
  • Announcements
  • Social media feeds
  • Menu boards
  • And more

For your airport, you want to create a positive travel experience for your visitors and employees. In order to create and organized an efficient atmosphere you need to be able to effectively communicate with your passengers. The more information they have readily available the easier it is for them to navigate your airport before and after their flights. At IC Touch, our digital signage allows you to customize your system to create an interactive communication network between your airlines and your passengers.

Each screen can work independently of the others while being maintained through the same system. Our IC Manager allows you to program, control, and analyze each of your screens to determine the right placement, information, and applications that would be the most beneficial for your airport visitors.

Our digital signage provides your airport with reliable communication between you and your passengers. Call or contact us today for your demonstration.