Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are full of rides, food, attractions, and more; however, the chaos and the congestion of an amusement park can be overwhelming. At IC Touch, we can provide you with effective digital signage to create communication and information solutions to reduce the stress in your park. From maps, to unmanned parking kiosks, and real time news, your digital signage creates engaging and efficient solutions for your amusement park guests.

At IC Touch, we are proud to provide our customers with the ability to customize and tailor your digital signage to meet your individual needs. Our experienced technicians can design and implement the right applications to deliver the most relevant and useful information to your amusement park guests, including:

  • Events
  • Promotions
  • Menu boards
  • Directory
  • Maps
  • Videos
  • Gallery
  • Social media feeds
  • Advertising
  • Fund collections
  • And More

To reduce the hustle and bustle that creates chaos in your amusement park, IC Touch’s interactive digital displays provide your guest with the opportunity to search and scroll through directories, maps, and entertainment options to best maximize their experience. With the ability to download directions directly to their phones, your guests have the power to navigate your amusement park with ease. Partnered with our non-interactive digital displays, you have the ability to utilize your digital signage to create an innovative and engaging communication system throughout your park.

For effective and reliable information solutions for your amusement park you can rely on digital signage from IC Touch. Call or contact us today for your free demonstration.