Digital Signage Analytics

When you implement new technology, you want to make sure that it is working for you and your customers. At IC Touch, our IC Manager system includes a comprehensive analytics program that provides you with an in-depth report of how your digital signage is working for your application.

Our digital signage analytics is integrated between all your displays and can be used to determine data analysis for both your interactive and non-interactive digital signage. Through IC Manager, you can see results, statistics, and reports for your system as a whole, as well as review the performance of individual screens and their locations. Our analytics system records and documents the following:

  • Detailed user activity statistics
  • Percentage of clicks per section
  • Peak applications
  • Peak times
  • Statistics for each screen individually
  • Statistics for the system as a whole

By utilizing our digital signage analytics, you can determine if the location of and the information displayed on your devices are providing the best opportunities for your organization. At IC Touch, our system allows you to review your analytics in real time so that you can be assured that you can push the right messages, promotions, and sales immediately for your visitor.

At IC Touch, our analytics feature puts the power of your digital signage in your hands. Call or contact us today for your free demonstration.