Event Venue

As an event venue you provide a space for a wide variety of special occasions; including, weddings, anniversary parties, concerts, and more. With this range of uses, your event venue requires the ability to communicate with your visitors in a effortless and effective way.

Our digital signage, at IC Touch, provides your visitors with the ability to gain valuable, up to date information at a glance. For many event venues, you have multiple events taking place simultaneously and the need to effectively communicate between a variety of guests and locations is necessary for day to day operations. Our digital displays can provide reliable directions, event information, and more, right from the touch of a screen. Our customizable applications can be tailored to meet the needs of your event space, including:

  • Promotional videos
  • Maps
  • Social media feeds
  • Product information
  • Fund Collections
  • Event Information
  • And More

Our experienced technicians will work with your event venue to determine the best functions for your needs. With the ability to create applications and turn your kiosks into point of sale opportunities, you can create an engaging and innovative digital environment for your visitors. Our IC Manager systems allows you to control and update all your digital signage in one, user friendly location to make sure your information is relevant and current. By being able to better communicate with your visitors, you can create an event space that is efficient and effective for your employees, visitors, and customers.

For digital signage that will create an engaging and captivating digital environment for your event venue, call or contact us, at IC Touch, today for your demonstration.