Digital signage brings up to date information to your shoppers at a glance. Malls provide an unprecedented opportunity to reach an extensive amount of people per day. By being able to display your information on digital signage, from IC Touch, you can incorporate a large variety of advertisements, promotions, and more in one simplified location.

Using digital signage in shopping malls provides you with an new way to communicate and broadcast information to your shoppers. Interactive and non-interactive digital displays can be customized to transmit up to date and relevant information at a glance, allowing your customers to take coupons from your display, to their phone, to your cash register. Additional benefits and services presented through the use of digital signage include:

  • Maps
  • Announcements
  • Promotions
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • And more

Your customer’s shopping trip will become an interactive experience, bridging the communication gap between the stores and the shoppers. Our digital signage allows you to bring your information to your customer in real time and allows you to see the impact your signage has on your customer through our analytics system.

For a digital signage that brings your mall’s information, promotions, and maps right to your customer’s fingertips, call or contact us today for your demonstration.