Your hotel provides your patrons with more than a comfortable place to stay. You supply restaurants, entertainment opportunities, special event venues, conference spaces, and more. The need for effective, reliable communication between your hotel and your guests is imperative. At IC Touch, our digital signage creates an engaging medium to provide a wide variety of information at a glance.

Our interactive and non-interactive digital signage has the ability to be customized to meet the needs and the demands of your hotel. At IC Touch, our experienced technicians work with you to determine the optimal layout, applications, and placements of each of your displays to provide your guests with the most useful, up to date information regarding your hotel, including:

  • Maps
  • Announcements
  • Dashboard
  • Social media feeds
  • Area attractions
  • Menu boards
  • Fund collections
  • Scheduling
  • And More

Because our system, at IC Touch, is more than just a single display, each of your digital signs work together through our IC Manager, where they can be maintained and updated through a single dashboard. This allows you to control all your screens, interactive and non-interactive, from one easy to use location.

By utilizing digital signage throughout your hotels, you can create a digital environment that allows your guests to receive the information they need right at the touch of a screen. For more information or to receive your free demonstration, call or contact us today.